Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pattern Prints - Preparation for my Etsy and Folksy Shops!

I am currently working on some designs for my 'soon to launch' Etsy and Folksy shops. They should be up and functioning in the next couple of weeks - so watch this space!

Here is one of my prints framed and ready to go!


Jane Wilson said...

I love the color combination!

Lisa Graves said...

oooh- I want one! Gorgeous!
I think I'm launching an Etsy shop soon too!!
Good luck. :)

Lou Murphy said...

really gorgeous, lovely colours! I want to start a shop, so I might keep an eye on how you get on, good luck!

Ed Cooper said...

Looks great!!

I really like this stuff, it reminds me of gypsy caravans, or maybe russian art?

great stuff though!

Lauren Tobia said...

lovely designs!

Lauren Tobia said...

can you recomend a tutorial on how to work out repeating designs....

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Sarah,Thank you so much for you visiting me.
You work is Wonderful..an explosion of colors!

Twila said...

I like the print and the doll u have in front of it!


zarqa said...

my name is zarqa im a new blogger iv added u as a friend hope u dont mined. i love ur work i love the way u apply colour and i also like the composition of ur designs. ur work is really eye caching keep in touch